Monday, October 4, 2010

Accessorizing with Ivy Topiaries

Last week, I took a trip over the hill to Half Moon Bay for ivy topiaries. It was time to replace my outside topiaries that flank both the front and back doors, as well as a few for inside for some fall decor.

The first place I went to is Schickenberg Nursery. They specialize only in ivy topiaries, and have been around for many years. As you can see, they are ready for Halloween with their pumpkin and witch topiaries.

They are already stocking up for the holidays too. Wouldn't this ivy reindeer look cute on the front porch for Christmas?

Next door, is Nurseryman's Exchange, a wholesale nursery catering to florists in the Bay Area. They have everything one could need! There is a $150 minimum purchase here, and at first you think there is no way you can spend that much since all the plants and flowers are so inexpensive.

There are so many wonderful plants to choose from though, that $150 adds up quickly!

I always feel like a kid in a candy store here!

So, I filled up the Suburban with flowers and ivy topiaries, brought it all home and have been slowly planting the urns and pots around the house.
Mums for the back yard urns....

Ball topiaries for the back door.

Larger ones for the front door. I'm not quite finished decorating this area, so stay tuned!

Inside, I put little circles of ivy in these red urns, which also came from Nurserman's Exchange a couple of years ago. They are perfect on the kitchen table grain sack runner.

The family room mantle also got a couple of new topiaries.

I bought a few large circles too. One for the confit pot on the kitchen island....

....and one for the sunroom.

I even put a little ivy ball on the master bath vanity.

Ivy topiaries last forever outside, as long as they are watered regularly. Inside, is a different story. They like to be cool, so in the winter they may not do so well when the heat is on.
I sometimes refer to them as my victims, because eventually they will die inside. When they start to look a little stressed, I move them outside for a while in an attempt to keep them alive little longer.
Hopefully, the new topiaries inside the house will last until Christmas!

I'm joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Table Top Tuesday.


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