Friday, July 9, 2010

The Romance of Candles

I have a weakness for candles. They create romance and cast a warm glow where electric light cannot.
The candle above is one of three hanging from our Mulberry Tree, casting the only light to dine by at our outside table.

I have plans to bring electricity to this area, but then again the warmth from the candles is just so wonderful.

Doing a little research, I found out that Egyptians were the first to use wicked candles, as far back as 3000 BC!

Lately, I've been giving candles like this one as gifts. I just wrap a glass votive with upholstery webbing, and tie it with twine. There are many on our table to be used for candlelight dinners.

Speaking of gifts, this adorable beehive lantern was a gift from fellow blogger and friend Laurie from Bargain Hunting With Laurie. She sent it to me "just because." Yep, that's how she is!
Isn't it darling!

Another candle gift are these four hand painted votives given to me by my friend Teresa for my birthday.
They are perfect on the bathroom ledge in our Wine Country house. They smell wonderful too!

I like how these candles light up the vintage painting on the mantle. These candles are wrapped in cork, letting just enough light to shine through.

This mercury glass candle is one of my favorites. It is highlighting the old photo of me with my Dad, circa 1954!

Candles have become very popular. We incorporate them into our decor, but they also symbolize so much more than that. Light a candle and you have created instant romance.
Candles are used in many religious ceremonies from communion to weddings.
They represent joy, sadness and sacrifice.
I can't have enough candles in my life! Today, I showed just a few of my favorites.....

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