Thursday, July 8, 2010

Set In Stone

(Country Living)
I love rustic decor, and there is nothing like stone walls to set the stage for a rustic room, like this living room above featuring limestone walls.

(House Beautiful)
And this living room, designed by Cathy Kincade. I like how the stone is juxtaposed with the luxurious fabrics and blue porcelain in this room.

(Country Living)
An all white living room with light stone walls. How cool this room must be on a hot summer day.

(House Beautiful)
I love everything about this! Of course the stove is my dream stove, but to have it surrounded by a stone niche! Oh my!

(House Beautiful)
Stone walls can give a European feel, as well as a country look like this dining area.

(Cote Maison)
I love the organic feel of this loggia. The wall is wonderful, the wicker chairs with their fur throws are just incredible.

(Country Living)
Although this wall is brick, it still gives the same feel as stone. The white bed linens seem even more luxurious against the wall.

Our home in the wine country has stone on the outside wall of the living room. The chippy painted shutters against the stone wall lend a feel of permanence to the 70's rancher.

Nothing beats this though! Perfection!


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