Sunday, July 18, 2010

Glass Door Refrigerators

Meet the Sub Zero Pro 48. Isn't she a beauty? I've been obsessed with this refrigerator for a long time, ever since I saw a glass doored Traulsen in House Beautiful years ago. I realize that most people wouldn't want a glass doored refrigerator, but I think it would force me to keep my refrigerator organized and full of healthy food.

I realize this is a "big ticket item." Kind of like buying a car! A few years ago, I had the chance to buy this from a dealer off the showroom floor for $10,000! There was no way! But, now it retails for $15,000!

This refrigerator also comes with a single door. Although this wouldn't work for me as I already have a Sub Zero 48 inch refrigerator, circa 1990.
I am seriously considering hiring a "hitman" to take this refrigerator out! We have replaced the compressor twice and the inside is deteriorating.

I actually like the single door better than the double door. How incredible is this!?

Another image of the single door Sub Zero.

This is a Traulsen, which is what Sub Zero was inspired by when they created the Pro 48 series.
This is a commercial refrigerator, adapted for residential use.

The same refrigerator in it's environment.

This is a True T-49G-4 refrigerator. Although it is also a commercial refrigerator, it has been adapted for domestic use with a remote condenser to lessen the sound.
This just makes my heart go pitter patter!

This Sub Zero kitchen is from their website. Don't you love how it looks?
I realize it won't be anytime soon that I get a glass doored refrigerator, but hey, I can dream--can't I?
What are your thoughts about a glass doored refrigerator? Would you want one?


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