Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Biggest Giants Fan Ever

We're "over the moon" here in San Francisco! Our beloved Giants won the World Series last night! And did the City ever go crazy!
There will be a parade tomorrow and I'm sure all kinds of celebrations.

But no one is celebrating more than this man. He has been a Giants fan ever since his father took him to see a game in the late 50's, after the team first came to San Francisco. The Giants have been breaking his heart ever since! They call it "torture" here. Well my friend Lou, they finally did it! It only took 56 years!

Who knew at the beginning of the season that a bunch of "cast-offs," and rookies, along with incredible talented pitchers would form a team with so much heart that they would go on to win the World Series! They call it Destiny!

Congratulations Giants!
Congratulations San Francisco!
(Congratulations Lou!)


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