Monday, November 22, 2010

I Can't Decide!

I can't decide which plate to use for the Thanksgiving table. I know, such a dilemma!
Having 30 years behind me of hunting and gathering from estate sales and antique or thrift stores for treasures, I have a few patterns to choose from.

This plate is one of my favorites. The brown border depicts garden implements, while the face of the plate is a colorful woodsman scene. It's made by Royal Staffordshire, and called "Rural Scenes." You can see them in a tablescape I did back in January here.

My old standby is this Johnson Brothers plate of harvest fruits. I have collected 19 of these "Windsor Ware" plates over the years. Depending on how many we end up having at our table, these plates will be perfect. You can see these plates in a tablescape I did for a wine dinner here.

Then there are these Johnson Brothers plates. Called "Woodland Turkey," they are the quintessential Thanksgiving plate! I unfortunately only have 8 of these. Believe it or not, they were quite a find at Tuesday Morning, for only $5.99!

Tomorrow, I will begin to set our Thanksgiving table. Luckily, I now have this wonderful caramel stripe runner as my inspiration. After passing it up at the antique show, I couldn't get it out of my head. I was able locate the dealer to purchase three yards for a runner. It was delivered today, just in time!

So, which plates would you choose?


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