Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Day at Round Top

Our Round Top day was so much fun. We exhausted ourselves just at Marburger Farms, wanting more.
Here are some more pictures as promised:

We noticed a lot of shell art like the photos above....

....and a lot of industrial lighting like this one.

There was plenty of linen, burlap and natural fabrics like this romantic bed is wearing.

We also saw many antlers like these on display.

This is a gorgeous Black Forest Antler that I absolutely loved.

We eventually moseyed down the road to another spot.
I went crazy over this cutlery set, but couldn't bring myself to pay the price.

I ended up buying this brown upholstered burlap chair and it's mate from a lovely couple there. Not sure where I am putting it, but it spoke to me.

This is Luz and Hernando Punto who sold me the chairs. Mr. Punto took the chairs apart and completely restored them, painted them, and upholstered them.

We ended up staying only one day at Round Top. Houston and it's shops and restaurants were waiting for us to explore. More on that later.....


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