Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dexter goes shopping in San Francisco

The Sunday before Christmas, Mr. A and I took Dexter dog shopping in San Francisco on Union Square. I wanted to see the window displays, the ice rink and do some last minute Christmas shopping. So Dexter donned his tartan plaid vest and we hit the streets. It was great to get into the Christmas mood.

Macy's with all their windows decorated with Christmas wreaths. Below, the ice rink in the heart of Union Square.

Neiman Marcus with it's gigantic tree

Ralph Lauren - my personal favorite. I loved the woodsy theme in the windows. Below, Mr. A poses with Dexter. I think they fit right in!

Mr. A looking dapper in his pea coat.

The window display in the Chanel window had the mannequins in front of a Venice background.

Dexter wearing his Holiday attire. He was only interest in checking his "pee mail".

After lots of window shopping and walking around, we found ourselves on Maiden Lane in front of this wonderful store called Candelier. Uh Oh. This could be dangerous. We went in and found so many candles and decorations for the Christmas table.

This is inside the store! It was very crowded with so much merchandise. I was like a kid in a candy store. Mr. A just went with it. Dexter knew he would be here a while and laid down to wait patiently.

"How long are we going to have to be in here?"

How cute is he?

A lovely shoe store on Maiden Lane.

A window in Gump's - A San Francisco favorite store.

On our way back to the car, we discovered this Scottish import store. I loved the scarves and ties here. I bought a tie for Mr. A and he bought a scarf for me. Of course they are both red tartan plaid! We match Dexter now. Below, a clerk wearing a traditional kilt. Mr. A wasn't interested in buying one!

It turned out to be such a fun afternoon. We finished our Christmas shopping and Dexter had a San Francisco adventure.


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