Monday, May 2, 2011

A Brilliant Idea

After years of eating outside without light, I finally came up with a solution. I found this outdoor galvanized pendant on Ebay last year, originally sold by Pottery Barn and had the electrician wire an electrical outlet at the base of the Mulberry Tree.

We hung the pendant from a branch which ended up perfectly centered over the cement table. It came with 25 feet of cord which we hid in the branches, winding it's way down the trunk where it could be plugged in as needed. Brilliant!
We couldn't wait to see it lit up in the evening.

But wait! I had another brilliant idea. I found these moss bowls at the hardware store in Healdsburg and the light bulb went off in my head to fill them with succulents and hang the baskets from the Mulberry Tree with rope.

I thought three would be the best, all spaced equally around the tree.

It seems that succulents really thrive in this climate.

I am planting them everywhere!

It's getting towards evening and the wind is picking up. The three baskets are still hanging!

We were excited to plug in the light!


The sun is setting in the courtyard...

And in the vineyard...

It's our favorite time of day...

Watching the birds perform for us...

We're wondering what took us so long to come up with this brilliant idea!

Before, even with candles, we couldn't see our food or each other. My niece even brought her miner's hat once so she could see her dinner!
I'm happy to say that there are now no more summer evening dinners in the dark!

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