Sunday, March 21, 2010

Urban Decay

photo by Sven Fenema
Warning: This is not a post about beautiful interiors!
But wait, yes it is!
I came across these haunting photos of decaying stairways, and just had to share.

photo by Scallop Holden
This old abandoned building has a story to tell, I'm sure.
I love how the light is playing on the wall. Notice the map?
Hey, a little paint and elbow grease, who knows, this could have potential!

photo by Sven Fenema
These are the ultimate "before" photos!

photo by Alecu Grigore
I wonder what these staircases looked like in their day.
Now they are just sad, decaying remnants of their former selves.

photo from "Cazpoo" at
Even in a state of disrepair, the photographers through their lens, captured a certain beauty.
I am amazed at how the light and texture of this photograph was captured.
Notice the herringbone floor....

photo by Alain Dejeaifve
This staircase is nearly 700 years old, surviving fire, war and abandonment, it's now in an advanced stage of decay.

photo by James C. Farmer
These photos fascinated me. If you are fascinated too, check out these websites that feature photography of urban decay here and here.

Suddenly, a little chipped paint on my stairway isn't bothering me anymore!

I'm linking up to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday.
Depending on how you look at these photos, they are either "before" or "after."
Imagine what these stairways used to look like in the past, or how they can be restored for the future.


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