Thursday, August 26, 2010

21st Century Taxidermy

As I've mentioned in a previous post, antlers and trophies have always been a part of my decor.
My dad was a hunter, so I'm not squeamish about a deer head in a room. In fact, I think it lends an organic feel if done right. So when I saw this white deer trophy last week at Z Gallerie, I wasn't sure what to think.

There was even a moose head! I think these could be fun in a contemporary room, on a dark wall, adding a touch of whimsy. Are we calling it "urban rustic?"

Then, I remembered seeing these replicas of roe deer in Ballard Designs, designed by Suzanne Kasler. Ok, so now I see that this is a 21st century twist on an old theme. After all, not everybody is comfortable with the real deal, especially if raised in an urban environment.

I'll admit, they do look fabulous in this room with an all white theme. They totally compliment the white ironstone and fabric.

Then, today I received the Restoration Hardware catalog in the mail, and guess what?
They have jumped on the taxidermy bandwagon too!

Their antlers look real. I like that. I also like that they are made out of resin, which is much more humane, that's for sure!

I'm quite fooled by this moose antler trophy. It looks so real.

Also in the mail today, was the new Pottery Barn catalog featuring their fall decor.
Yep, they have faux antlers too!

Their "tablescape" with faux antlers and pumpkins is lovely.

I like how designer Carolyne Roehm set this table with antler candleholders, mimicking the antlers on the wall.
I'm also realizing that for me, I do prefer my antlers to at least look real.

This is a bathroom in Bunny Williams' home. Notice her roe deer antlers. You can bet they are real! Not only are they real, but they are probably a hundred years old.

Phoebe Howard designed this room with brown transferware and roe deer antlers giving it an organic, textured look.

In my own home, I used antique roe deer antlers on either side of the mirror in the living room. I have been collecting these for years. It was great to actually have the right amount to make the arrangement complete.

I inherited these old botanicals from my Grandma Carrie. It only seemed right to top them off with an old antler!

I found this old antler which was hung on plywood and trimmed with upholstery nails at a thrift shop. It was just quirky enough in it's handmade design, that I thought it would be fun over the bed in our guest room.

I saw this Black Forest deer trophy at the Round Top Antique Show in Texas.
I was so impressed with the hand carving of the plaque, and also the price!
Way too expensive, but I can see why. It is a one of a kind piece.

Eventually, I found this reproduction Black Forest deer trophy at Bellacor. Don't you think it kind of looks like the Round Top trophy?

It is all resin which is great because I hung it outside over the fireplace in the pool house. I don't have to worry about the weather damaging it. It was also a great price!

Bellacor also sells this three piece set of roe deer antlers. They are so real looking, no one would be able to tell the difference. One of these could sell for over $200 plus if they are authentic, so the three are quite a bargain at $68.95!
For information on Bellacor's faux antlers, click here.

So, in closing, a real deer trophy like this one is just a little too much for some people.

That's ok, because on the other end of the spectrum is this really fake faux deer trophy! Maybe a more comfortable choice for some.
Rustic, yet contemporary in it's urban take on an old theme.
21st century taxidermy!

What are your thoughts on decorating with antlers?
How do you feel about the white "trophies" from Z Gallerie and Ballard Designs?
Do you like Restoration Hardware's realistic "trophies?"
Do you think antlers are the latest decorating fad? Or like me, do you agree they have been around forever and always will be?


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