Monday, August 23, 2010

Kitchen Love

Looking through my kitchen inspiration file today, I noticed that all the kitchens I saved had something in common. Some kitchens I saved for their unique lighting, like this one.
How cool is the burlap covered pendent above the sink!

This kitchen wowed me with the galvanized pendent, but I also thought the gun metal tile backsplash looked fabulous with the soapstone countertop.

More pendent inspiration! Notice the open shelves. This is also a common theme with the kitchens I'm admiring lately. Believe me, I'm so close to taking off all my cabinet doors for that open shelving look!

Open shelving, wonderful pendent, commercial range--oh my!

I love the open shelving here and the simplicity of this kitchen. The yellow pottery really stands out against the white subway tile. My dream stove with the famous red knobs makes my heart beat fast!

More open shelving. But also, I'm intrigued with the green subway tile backsplash.
Who says subway tile has to be white?

It could be a soft maize color! This kitchen's backsplash was the inspiration for my own kitchen. The marble countertop is currently on my wish list!

I love my soft butter colored backsplash. Each tile is handmade, so there is texture in the uneven surface. At first, I thought I made a mistake, but now I love it. Wishing for that marble counter though!

The countertop is "Santa Cecelia" granite. It has subtle flakes of garnet, gold, and black.
Unfortunately, it chips!

What would you change in your kitchen if you had a million bucks?
The countertop? The backsplash? Appliances?
Would you be comfortable with open shelving?
What would you choose for lighting?


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