Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hanging Art Over the Bed

Hanging art over a headboard can be a little tricky. There are always concerns about something heavy or breakable should it fall, especially where we live. That pretty much eliminates mirrors and heavy ornate frames.

So, when I recently found these three little prints of trees, I thought they would be perfect over the headboard in our guesthouse.

The prints, mounted on burlap and distressed, are very lightweight. Which is great, because if we have an earthquake, we won't get hurt if they fall on our heads!

Just outside the french doors there are many majestic heritage oaks. This is our view when we are lying in bed.

Notice the reflection of the oak trees in the glass which is then repeated in the prints.

It took two years to find something I like that would work above the bed, and I'm glad I waited. I think these relatively inexpensive prints really warmed up the room.

So, what do you have hanging over your head!


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