Sunday, August 29, 2010

Displaying Family Photographs

There is nothing like having family photographs displayed in your home to give it your own personality. For me, it's comforting having photos of my loved ones around me.

It's also an inexpensive way to decorate. For just a few dollars and a couple of favorite photographs, your nightstand can be a transformed into a personal reflection of your life.
Just remember to have your frames relate to each other and the other objects on your table top.

For instance, always group photographs together with similar frames. Here, the black and white photos complement the sterling and crystal frames on a shelf in my master bathroom.

The three frames on the table in our living room in Asti are all similar. Three pictures of our children with their first fish in rustic frames make a cohesive grouping.

A photo vignette on the wine table in our Asti kitchen.

Domino Magazine
Another idea for displaying family photos is to use the large wall on a stairwell to create a gallery. The key here is to have all the frames relate to each other.

This table top vignette looks fabulous because all the photos are black and white in the same sterling frame. It's also interesting to mix old photos with new ones.

Martha Stewart
This is a cute way to display like photos on a wall. Linking them together with ribbon ties all the photographs together.

A ledge is one of my favorite ideas for displaying photographs. I especially love this room.
The old pine hutch on the wall makes a wonderful display for family photos, or various objects d'art.

Architectural Digest
The piano is another venue for displaying photos, like this piano in John McCain's home. Personally, I think this piano might have just a few too many photos! This would never work in our house! I can only imagine the domino effect when #2 Son Alex decides to play "Phantom of the Opera!"

Our own piano in our living room with a lot less photos!
  • Don't hesitate to mix old photos with new ones.
  • Grouping photos on a wall in the hall or stairwell is a great venue for a family photo gallery.
  • Make sure all your frames relate to one another in groupings.
  • There is also the proverbial refrigerator for a fun collection of candid shots!
How do you display your family photographs?
Do you have a special wall or table?
Or are they displayed throughout your home?

Be sure to check out my photo journal at Mise-en-Scène. I plan to post
a photo a day for 365 days!

Also check out Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday where there are lots
of ideas for tabletop vignettes and displays. I'll be participating too.


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