Saturday, January 15, 2011

Libraries of the Rich and Famous

This enormous and beautiful library belongs to Karl Lagerfeld, proving that celebrities can be bookworms too!
A follower and friend of Vignette Design sent me these photos since I have been on the subject of books lately.
I just had to share.

I love this photo of Frank Sinatra enjoying a good book in his library.

Of course, Oprah has a beautiful library!

Diane Keaton's is very interesting, don't you think?

This is Woody Allen's library. I would love to sneak a peek at what is on his book shelves!

Joan Rivers' book shelves.

Greta Garbo's looks like it is just for show.

My favorite celebrity library though is Jimmy Stewart's.
Just gorgeous! I don't think I would ever leave this room!

What's your favorite?


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