Monday, January 10, 2011

Somebody Was Paying Attention!

Look what Number 1 Daughter gave me for Christmas! Does she know me or what?
Not only are these Toms shoes made out of burlap...

...but they're lined in plaid too!

They are so comfortable! I can't wait until warmer days so I can wear these shoes!
They're the perfect gift - for me!

She also gave me this book, "New Cottage Style."
It is such a treasure. Beautifully photographed with decorating advise, it's a great reference for those who love an updated cottage style.

There's lots of eye candy here, like this photo.

And this one too. How gorgeous is this!

I love how this room is a mix of patterns; stripes, paisley and leopard.

The mix of zebra, needlepoint, blue porcelain and wicker, all work together beautifully to create that lived in cottage style I love.

This skirted table looks even better with the paisley top layered over. I seriously need that paisley tablecloth!

Both old fashioned and up to date, this living room looks great with it's neutral scheme of painted tables, linen slipcovers and hooked rug.

This pine display cabinet is full of gathered sea shells.
This photo doesn't do it justice, you have to get this book!

Everything I'm loving right now is in this book. Check out the paisley and toile combo with a touch of leopard.

"Somebody" was definitely paying attention to what I'm into these days!
Every Christmas my family asks me what I want. I usually say "surprise me," and I end up with a gift that isn't really me. This year, I suspect a few in my family started reading my blog and took notes. They figured out just the right gifts for ole Mom!

Thank you for such perfect gifts Melissa!

I've added this book to my Amazon "doohicky" if you feel compelled to order it.
Just one of the many conveniences I offer.....!


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