Saturday, January 22, 2011

Living With Dogs

It's no secret that Bunny Williams is one of my favorite designers. Not only do I love her style, but I also love how her homes are dog friendly.
Like me, she allows her dogs on the furniture, but also provides stylish throws for them to sit on and their own beds in every room.

Her adopted dog Charlie sitting on a kitchen chair.
There is so much I love about this room! The majolica, the fireplace, the painted floor, but mostly Charlie!
She suggests keeping interesting water bowls in the kitchen, like the bottom to a soup tureen.
Great idea!

Charles Faudree is another favorite designer and dog lover. I'm wondering if he actually designed this sofa and pillows around the dog!

Same with this little dog. He looks like the ottoman was designed especially for him!

Designer Michael DePerno let's his dogs Niki, a terrier mix and Sticks, a whippet lounge on the chaise.

Designer Michael S. Smith's dog Jasper, a labradoodle has his own matching bed.
Bunny Williams suggests: "Save some extra fabric from a piece of furniture in your room and have a cover made for a dog bed."

Dexter's friend Miss Molly, a yorkshire terrier loves "her" new Pottery Barn comforter on Mom's bed!

Do you let your dog sleep with you? They should still have their own bed. Dog beds have come a long way. They can now have their very own sofa too!

A dog this big definitely needs its own sofa!

Hazel, a Bernese Mountain dog and Dexter's cousin is being a good girl and staying off the furniture!

Not Dexter, the Tibetan Terrier though! He thinks he is a person and my furniture is his furniture!

Bad Dog! This is a joke, right? Has this ever happened to you?
I guess it is one of the risks we take living with dogs!


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