Thursday, January 6, 2011

Uniquely Chic

A few days before New Year's Eve, Mr. A and I spent a few quiet days in the wine country, decompressing from the Christmas holidays. We had a nice day in Healdsburg, just shopping around and eating!

One of our favorite stores we like to visit is Uniquely Chic. For 25 years it has been a flower shop, but now it is not only that, but also a boutique full of wonderful merchandise.

The old fashioned store front is pure eye candy and beckons anyone who walks by to enter.

Barbara, the owner has had a lot of fun filling up her shop and decorating it to the max, especially with anything burlap. She made these cute burlap curtains for her display window.

Lots of burlap and mercury glass together.

I was tempted to buy this trophy, even though it is a reproduction, but I don't need to start another collection!

There are quite a few pieces of furniture on display too, all refinished in a distressed cream color.

I couldn't help noticing all the little details. Barbara embellishes everything! Her talent for merchandising is evident, as I wanted just about everything in her store!

I did buy one of these candles for a friend. They are from Vintage Home Lifestyle, another Healdsburg antique dealer and fellow blogger. We met Cathleen this time last year at one of her barn sales. You can read about it here.

Although she has since moved to Napa, Cathleen still sells a lot of her wonderful candles at Uniquely Chic. Remember these burlap covered candles tied with a key? I still have a few from the barn sale and even attempted to make some myself.

It was Cathleen who introduced us to Barbara! This is where I found the front door wreathe, among other things over the past year.

I thought this burlap bulletin board was cool. Another project to try and duplicate.

The one thing I walked away from and can't get out of my head is this spice cabinet.
I just don't have a place to put it. Yet...


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