Friday, January 14, 2011

When A Book Is Not A Book

I was surprised at the response I got from yesterday's post about Pottery Barn's bundle of books with their covers torn off and pages glued shut.
Pottery Barn isn't the only ones jumping on this band wagon though. Restoration Hardware also had ripped up books, although they are no longer available.

Ballard Designs jumped on the bandwagon too with their bundle of books selling for $25.

I found a nice alternative!
Wisteria has a similar look that not only looks great, but also multi-tasks! Here is their product description:

"When a book is not a book, it had better be something special. We created these books to resemble a stack of vintage French books so you can hide things in plain site!"

I especially like their red bundle of books with the marbleized cover. How cool would these be on the nightstand holding trinkets or glasses. I can't believe how authentic they look too. They're a little spendy at $49 though.

However these green ones are on sale for $29.
I think these are pretty special and would make a great gift!
I could definitely get my mind around these vintage looking, multi-tasking bundles!

A final thought about this subject: The response I got from yesterday's post was very interesting. Almost everyone passionately agreed that the idea of ripping up books so they fit into our decor was absurd.

Dining Delight summed it up perfectly: "With the introduction of all the new "techno-type" books and downloading books to read on computers, I have a feeling actual books with real covers and pages will eventually become a thing of the past. We should treasure books of all kinds and not be tearing off covers and gluing pages together as a decorative trend!"

I couldn't agree more!


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