Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beam Me Up!

While we were in Italy, I noticed a lot of beamed ceilings. Ancient beamed ceilings.
Like the ceiling in the room we stayed at Vignamaggio.
I loved this room! Although the ceiling is a little low and oppressive, I felt like we had stepped back in time to the 15th century.

I think that's what rustic beamed ceilings do. They give the room a sense of history and permanence.

Beamed ceilings can be quite rustic, like the bedroom in this log cabin.

This bedroom is like the western version of Vignamaggio's guest room in Italy!

Lightening up a little, just by adding white linen upholstery. I love the black wall and cowhide rug.

Lately, I've been loving painted beamed ceilings. Still rustic, but lightened up.
A combination of rustic and elegance.

I don't have beamed ceilings in my home, but would love to live in a house that does someday.
Would they be rustic, or would they be painted? That is the question! Perhaps I should add beamed ceilings to my Design Bucket List!

Do you have beams in your life?


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