Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Hillsborough Antique Show

The Hillsborough Antique Show and Sale is held three times a year. I almost never miss a show, especially the first one of the year held in February.

You most likely won't find any bargains here, but if you are a collector, this is show!
You can find your missing sterling silver pieces here, as well as fine art and jewelry. I like to go just for inspiration and to visit some of my dealer friends, however this time I was on the hunt for another confit pot to add to my collection.

With my new Droid in hand, I managed to capture a few images of unique items on display, like this Hermes wicker covered thermos. Wow! It was very expensive though!

A lovely "squash blossom" turquoise necklace. Someday....!

I thought this would be perfect for that cabin in the woods!

I resisted though....

Loved this mustard jar from France.

The dealer had a few items like this. But which one to choose?

After much wheeling and dealing, I bought this wonderful old mustard pot from France. Not the confit pot I was looking for originally, but a new addition to the few bistroware pieces I already have.

Here it is on the kitchen island waiting for me to decide where it will live. I can see a huge bouquet of flowers in it!

I also found this three tiered victorian stand. Not sure what I was thinking!
It can be used for many purposes though. I put it beside this chair in the sunroom for now.

And finally, this wicker chest. When I saw it, I thought it would be perfect as a night stand next to the bed in the pool house bedroom in Asti.

Southern Living
I had saved this photo as inspiration, so when I saw the wicker trunk, the lightbulb went off! Question is, should I stencil black letters on the front or just leave it? Either way, don't you think it will make a great night stand?

With one last weekend of warm weather, we're heading up to Asti with a new mattress strapped on the roof. Yes, we will look like The Clampetts! But finally, we can set up the bedroom in the pool house. I can't wait to put it all together! I wrote about the pool house bedroom back in June here.


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