Friday, February 4, 2011

A Wine Country Birthday

I remember hearing a few months ago that "57 is the new 57!"
That's a lot of candles!

My BFF Maureen and I are celebrating "the new 57" this weekend up in Asti. We were nice enough to include Mr. A and Mr. H too!

The weather is supposed to be lovely, so hopefully we can sit out here for lunch.

We plan on doing a little antiquing...

...and tour a few wineries.

Maybe even do a little wine tasting!

Later, we will come back here...

...and have a nice dinner that the guys will cook. Thank goodness!

After that, we will all sit in here by the fire...

...and sip some wine...

and later, go outside and "howl" at the moon!

Sunday, we'll have an early morning breakfast so we can head back to the Bay Area for the Alameda Antiques Faire!

Sounds like a perfect plan, don't you think?


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