Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration: Chicken Wire!

Shades of Light
Chicken wire seems to be everywhere these days! Of course it's on my mind lately because I'm researching chicken coops!

The real reason why it is on my mind though, is that while antiquing in San Anselmo on Sunday, I found this wonderful old faux bamboo armoire with chicken wire. I would seriously sell my first born for this armoire, but it was already sold! Now I can't stop thinking about it!

House Beautiful
It made me want to come home and replace the glass in my kitchen cabinets with chicken wire like the image above! If there was glass in this cabinet, I don't think the effect would be near the same.

House Beautiful
I adore the built in cabinets in Jill Brinson's home in Atlanta. Talk about inspiration!

Country Home
You just don't know where or in what form chicken wire is going to turn up these days....

Last spring, Pottery Barn came out with some cool chicken wire accessories like this three tiered stand that I used for a tablescape and has since lived on my kitchen island.

Pottery Barn also had these great chargers that were perfect for my Easter table.

I've noticed a lot of chicken wire domes lately. I found this one at a cute boutique in Healdsburg and used it for a recent tablescape too.

It isn't just the wire that I love. I've always been drawn to the good, old-fashioned "chicken wire" or hexagon tile that is reminiscent of vintage bathrooms.
In the "boy's" bathroom upstairs, I did the reverse of what is typical and made the dominant color black with white rosettes.

I'm now researching tile for my downstairs bathroom floor. But instead of tile, I want to use carrera marble hexagons like above.
My daughter just retiled her bathroom in a charcoal grey marble "chicken wire" tile.
It is amazing!

Authentic Provence
And who can resist antique French terra cotta hexagon floor tiles! I would love to have my kitchen floor tiled like this someday!

Back to the real purpose of chicken wire: Chicken coops!
If you get a chance, visit Thefancyfarmgirl. She wins the contest for the most stylish chicken coop! You can read her post here.
How about that for some chicken wire inspiration!


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