Monday, February 28, 2011

Design Bucket List #5 - Decorate a Cabin in the Woods

Number five on my Design Bucket List is to someday decorate a cabin in the woods.
Or a cabin in the mountains, at the lake or on a river.

My love affair with all things rustic began years ago in Oregon when my friend took me to her grandfather's fishing cabin on the river. It was perfect with its knotty pine interior and deck overlooking the creek. I fell in love with the worn leather sofa, plaid fabrics and antlers. It wasn't tacky at all, but rather accumulated over time, and with great taste.

Since then, I've always dreamed of having a cabin like that. Mr. A also dreams of having a little fishing cabin in Northern California, possibly on the Mattole River.

When my boys were little, I decorated their rooms with lodge pole beds and Indian blankets by Ralph Lauren.
I carried the theme through with vintage artwork of fishing and hunting themes. There was also
the proverbial deer trophies too. So, I got it out of my system!

For a while!
Inspired by this home, decorated by Mimi Maddock McMakin, I've been thinking about rustic cabin decor again.

Whether it is a cabin on the river, lake, mountains or simply in the forest, the decor should embrace the natural elements outside like Ms. McMakin did in this great room.

Nothing says rustic more than a stone fireplace, especially when set next to wood paneled or log walls.
Rustic cabin decor can be very dark and overwhelming with all the wood on the ceilings, walls and wood floors. I like how bright colors like red, plaids and Indian blankets liven up this room.

Another dark room, but I don't mind because it looks so inviting and comfortable with its masculine decor.

The light, neutral sofa fabric, high ceilings and river rock fireplace give this living room a lighter feel.

I love this room with the log walls and ceilings. It is simply decorated with vintage iron beds and white bedspreads. Who wouldn't want to sleep here!?

Who wouldn't want to wake up here!?
Even though I'm not going to be decorating a cabin in the woods any time soon, there are certain elements that I'm still drawn to. Hudson Bay and Indian blankets, kilim and cowhide rugs, leather chairs, wicker, tartan plaid fabrics, antlers and pine cones all say cabin to me.

"Cabin Lite"
This room also says cabin to me, even with the white walls.
Plaid sofa! Wicker! Kilim rug! Indian blanket!
I could live here!

It's hard to choose which I like better. The traditional cabin in the woods with the dark, paneled walls and ceiling, or a lightened up version like above.

How about you?
Do you also fantasize about a little rustic cabin in the woods to fix up?


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