Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Collecting Shell Art

I have been collecting shell art for many years, but didn't realize it. I have always been attracted to little trinket boxes made out of shells to hold earrings at bedside. One day I looked around and realized that I had more than a few items of this art form. Here are a few of the pieces in my collection.

The shells on this vintage lamp have turned a lovely amber color. It sits on a desk with the box above and a sea shell frame that is new. There is a big difference between new and vintage.

This frame from Z Gallerie is new.

However, these bookends are definitely vintage.

A rare example of vintage shell tramp art. I was told this is French.

This wonderful old lighthouse night light was a recent find. The shells are glued on cardboard.

Another recent find is this shell mirror. It probably started out as a picture frame. Also known as a "Sailor's Valentine."

This shell art lantern arrived today from Wisteria. It is much larger than I thought! Although it isn't vintage, it will be great up in the wine country on a warm summer night.

This is the first in a series I am doing about collecting, featuring my own collections, as well as others. I am fascinated by what people collect and am always interested in learning about what makes something desirable as a collection.

So.....What do you collect?


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