Friday, January 8, 2010

Lavender Burlap Sachets

For Christmas, I made burlap sachets filled with our French Lavender. My first "batch" turned out great but I wanted more of a jute colored burlap instead of the lighter version above.

See the difference? Either way, they both smell amazing!

We planted over 200 French Lavender of the "Grosso" variety this time last year. This is how they looked by June. We harvested too late in August, but the perfume was still super strong.

The lavender sat in our garage for four months! The perfume never faded though.

Eventually, I found these burlap pouches on Ebay and remembered the fleur-de-lis stamp from my scrapbooking days and voila; a lavender filled sachet!

I was so proud of the first batch, so I ordered more from the same Ebay company. The second set of pouches were the color of burlap. We filled 4 dozen bags all together and still only used one bunch of lavender!

Don't you think these look better?
Whatever, it was fun making them and I enjoy the lavender scent which is so incredibly strong.

You can find these sachets at my new Etsy Shop here.


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