Friday, January 15, 2010

Collecting Vintage Alabaster Lamps

When we bought our second home in the Wine Country, I decided to put vintage alabaster lamps in the bedrooms. I already had a few, but went on the hunt for more at flea markets, antique stores and Ebay. My criteria was that they had to have a patina to them and be inexpensive.

I love the simplicity of these lamps. The intricate carving of the marble, the weight and heft, and of course the different colors of the veins. Some are grey, some amber.

Most of the lamps were made in Italy and are probably from the 40's.

I love the subtle veining of this lamp in our guest house.

This lamp is a little too shiny, but the price was right.

A very small accent lamp on the dresser.

Then there is this one. It's probably one of my favorite pieces. Originally, it was wired, but now it is a candlestick. My friend Maureen brought back these battery operated candles from Texas and it works perfectly in this lamp. We use it as a nightlight.

Here you can see the lamp in the setting and how it relates to the other elements in the room. I think the grain sack lampshade compliments the alabaster well.

Again, the lamp as part of the vignette.

Guest house shot of the bedroom with unmatched alabaster lamps.

Our most recent purchase. This lamp is the largest in my collection and sits in the living room

And finally, this alabaster lamp in our newly painted living room at home. I found this one on Ebay.

I'm joining Cindy for "Show and Tell Friday" at

I love Cindy's blog and recently discovered it. It is full of wonderful, romantic decorating ideas. And, she is just "down the road" from me in Northern California!


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