Thursday, February 18, 2010

Collecting Antlers

Antlers are very popular now, which makes me very happy because I've had them part of my decor forever!
Above, is an unusual painted Black Forest antler which compliments the green majolica plates.

I love this one because of the oak leaves and acorns. The little antlers are from the European roe deer. Most of them are 50 to 100 years old.

We bought these at the flea market in December. They have dates already on them. 1930 and 1959.

They ended up in our bedroom on either side of the bed.

Most of my collection is at our house in Asti.

Close up of the antlers. I even have an antler on the credenza.

A bedroom in our Asti home has this set of antlers above the bed. I found this in an antique store over 15 years ago in Healdsburg.

When our boys were little, we decorated their rooms with an outdoor motif. Naturally, antlers were a must. We found them at antique stores and had fun searching for them.
This one is huge and hangs in son Alex's bedroom.

This large rack is actually resin. Another resin antler on the table.

Which is ok because it is hanging outside year 'round.

I realize some people are a little squeamish about antlers. Afterall, they came from a living deer! But I always say: I didn't kill the deer, it was already dead a long time when I found the antlers!
I know that doesn't sound very nice, but growing up with a father who deer hunted, maybe I'm a little used to the idea. Antlers were always around when I was growing up.
I just find them to be such a wonderful accent piece hanging above a painting or flanking a mirror. What do you think?

I'm joining Cindy's Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home.


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