Monday, February 8, 2010

The Big Burlap Pendant

The big burlap pendant is finally hung up!

I saw this burlap pendant originally in the Anthropologie catalog, but ended up getting it on Ebay for half price over a year ago. I felt I had made a mistake. Mr. A wasn't sure about it and the whole thing needed to be rewired.

Then, two weeks ago, we saw two of these hanging at Restoration Hardware in Corte Madera. They looked so cool! Finally, Mr. A agreed that it would look good hanging over the center island afterall. It has been sitting on the floor for a year and a half waiting . . .

Waiting for our friend Richard to risk his life to hang it! What a job!
The ceiling in this room is maybe 14 or 15 feet high at the center. So first the ceiling fan had to go. It was like a three act play! Two ladders, two flashlights and four people to get the job done.

This is really not a way to treat our guests--having them hang light fixtures!

We had fun though! Everybody had a job. Maureen and I held the flashlights, Mr. A cooked dinner and Richard did all the work!

Because the fixture was made in Poland, it had to be rewired. It had aluminum wiring instead of copper. Not good. Also, a rope concealed the wiring and that was tricky to duplicate. The rope had to be the exact length, so measuring was key.

Our calculations proved correct because the length was perfect. Notice the pull string inside, which is easily reached.

I'm loving how this light fixture warmed up the kitchen.
Thank you Richard for going through all that trouble to re-wire it, wrap rope around the wire and risk your life on a 12 foot ladder to hang it!

The final result! This was the best birthday present ever!

The next morning with the sun streaming in creating a lovely tabletop vignette with the pendant overlooking.

Besides being thrilled to finally get my pendant hung, it was also such a great birthday weekend spent with our dear friends. We shopped, antiqued, ate at lovely restaurants in Healdsburg and even made it to the Alameda Antique Faire on Sunday!

I'm linking up to Barb at Grits and Glamour for Tabletop Tuesday. Be sure to see the other participants who have vignettes of their tables, cabinets and mantles.


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