Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Cloche Collection

I started collecting glass cloches over five years ago. I found my first one on Ebay and it was my favorite thing. It was huge like the one above, with an etched fleur de lis on the side. I set it on the round porcelain butter dish on my center island.

One day I heard it shatter and found it in a million pieces. My son's friend had tapped it to see if it would make a sound! No problem, I'll just find another.

I found this little one with etching, but finding a glass dome with a fleur de lis seemed impossible. Not even on Ebay.

I accumulated many glass domes over the years like the little one above.

But also expanded my collection to other materials, like this wicker one.

And this rustic pottery one. How cute is this? My friend Maureen gave it to me for my birthday!

I love this chicken wire cloche and can't wait to incorporate it into an outside tablescape.

One of my favorite vignettes with a glass cloche.

Eventually, my friend Maureen found this medium size cloche with an etched fleur de lis!
I was so happy! I put it on my kitchen island over a cake. 24 hours later is was cracked!

My son set it down on the cake knife and cracked it. I give up! At least it didn't shatter! It sits here with some of my many cloches. I keep my found bird's nests under them.

Because these cloches are some of my favorite things, I'm linking up to my friend Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie for Favorite Things Saturday. Be sure to visit!

On July 16th, Marty is having another cloche party at A Stroll Thru Life! I can't wait to join her! Thanks Mary for hosting!


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