Thursday, June 3, 2010

Photographer For the Band!

Let me just say the 60's are still alive and well in San Francisco!
Our daughter recently got an apartment right on Haight Street, and I visited a couple of weeks ago to check it out and take a few pictures of her burlesque troop, Mama Queso's Burlesque Show.

When I arrived, I was welcomed by her friends. They were so excited for their "photo shoot!"
While they got into their costumes, I set up the mise en scene! I blacked out the windows and created a vintage feel with rosy lighting. An old scratchy jazz record was playing on the turntable setting the mood.

Mama Queso is on the left. She has an incredible voice, reminiscent of Janis Joplin. The girls also do skits and dance. Apparently burlesque is making a come back! Here is what they say about themselves:

"Mama Queso's Burlesque Show is a unique performance of its own theatrical genre. It is an eclectic group of gypsy jazz musicians who lead the dancing, singing and acting of the most beautiful, sassy women you've seen in this City.
They will put you back a few decades into their club of vaudeville-like strip teases, literary burlesque, comedic parodies and risque leg shows"

It was like a party! They all were so fun to be with and made me feel so welcome. Not once did I feel like there was a generation gap.

I think I took 500 pictures! Everyone wanted to be in the photograph here! The San Francisco bluegrass band Jugtown Pirates were there for moral support. The burlesque troop performs with them.

Today is Ashley's 24th birthday!
She is living the dream in the City by the Bay, building her catering business and performing for fun. I'm suggesting she get a day job!

Not much has really changed since she was little. She always liked playing dress up....

And dancing....

And showing "a little risque leg!"
Happy Birthday Ash!

For fun, check out Mama Queso's Burlesque Show's Facebook page.
They will be performing again June 30th in San Francisco at Milk Bar. If you're in the City, check it out!

Can we say day job?

I'm linking up to A Few of My Favorite Things for Favorite Things Friday, as well as Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie for Favorite Things Saturday, because this day, and this girl is one of my favorite "things" ever!


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