Monday, June 14, 2010

French Academie Beds for the Pool House Bedroom

I am loving these twin beds from Restoration Hardware! They are the new French Academie Beds in metal and I think they are just what I've been looking for to go in our pool house bedroom.

It's hard to find twin beds that are sophisticated and not juvenile. When we bought our wine country house, I had in mind antique iron twin beds from Italy.

Two years later, these yellow wood bunk beds are still here. It's ok, but not for grown ups!
Can't you just see the Restoration Hardware beds here? I'm envisioning all white bedding, seagrass and a neutral color on the walls.

To get a better feel of the room, why don't you be my guest! Let me take you upstairs to the little bedroom.

Here we are at the top on the little balcony in front of the bedroom, looking back down the stairs.

Looking through the door to the room.

Here is your view from the bed, looking out the door and beyond to the vineyards.
Oh heck, you might as well just spend the night!

There is a full bathroom downstairs for you.

And a copper sink too, at the ready.

As is the shower.

Feel free to use the spa later. Just grab a robe from the bathroom.

It's getting dark by the barbecue area. Let's sit a while and have a late night dinner.

I'll say good night now. Don't be afraid, I will leave the lights on for you in case you want to take a late night swim.

Here is your little guest room with those darn bunk beds!
That does it, I'm ordering those French Academie beds asap!

Hope you sleep well. Breakfast is at 9:00!

I'll be online ordering these beds for your next overnight visit!

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