Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Early Morning Photoshoot

One of the biggest surprises for me about blogging is discovering my passion for photography. Last weekend, early in the morning, I wandered around with my Canon Rebel shooting photos of our Asti home, trying to capture the early morning peacefulness of the sprinklers watering the olive trees.

Or trying to capture the weathered look of the old chicken coop/tool shed.

And the oak trees on the neighboring property with their hanging moss and lichen covered branches.

Looking down the driveway with Italian Cypress trees, I tried to show the symmetry of the trees lining the driveway and the Alexander Valley in the distance.

About five trees down on the right, two huge rattlesnakes are intertwined together in the rock wall. Apparently, the latest heat wave brought them out! So much for walking around with the camera!

I have a lot to learn about photography. Mr. A bought me a tripod and a book on digital photography for dummies. I guess I'm going to have to take my new hobby seriously now!

Actually, I started a photo journal and my goal is to post a photo a day for 365 days. Hopefully, the journal will document my learning curve. Come on by and check it out at Mise-en-Scène.


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