Friday, September 24, 2010

Holy Cow!

Look what I bought from Joy at SavvyCityFarmer! She has some of the neatest "stuff." In fact Joy also has a website called "Stuff in the Burbs."

This is a tiny little print, only 5 x 7. But where to put it? I think it needs to be on a shelf or propped on an easel.

I tried hanging it on the wall in the dining room, but it was "lost" there.

Besides, I already have a large cow painting on the wall. The real deal, hand carried all the way back from France! I don't think he wants to share the wall with the little mini-me print.

I tried him inside the cabinet, but that didn't work either. I know! He belongs in the kitchen. After all, he is a fun little print, and will fit right in with some of my other fun cow decor.

I found an easel and propped him up next to the sink. I like this! Look who is keeping him company:

A couple of white ironstone cow pitchers.

And the king of kitchen cows, this carved bull hanging over the stove.
Yep, my little SavvyCityFarmer cow print has found a home!

If you get a chance, go say hi to Joy at SavvyCityFarmer. She had a birthday this week and is off celebrating at her family farm.
What a Joy!

I'm joining Artie at Color Outside the Lines for Vignette Fridays.


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