Sunday, September 19, 2010

Red Sky At Morning

"Red sky at morning, sailors take warning."
I couldn't help thinking of this old saying when I saw the red sky this morning. I guess this means the weather is changing, a reminder that summer is coming to a close and fall is officially here.

I was up very early this morning! Which was great, because not only did I witness this magnificent sunrise, but I captured it with my camera. These photos are from my front yard looking south.

The sky looks like it's on fire! Yet there is a chill in the air; rain is on its way.

As the red faded, the sky changed to pale yellow, blue and gray. In the pale morning light, everything looked surreal.

What a beautiful morning! I took the opportunity to pause and reflect, to say goodbye to summer, and to feel grateful for another day.

Wednesday is Fall Equinox. So, Happy Fall everyone, and here's wishing you:

"A September to remember.
An October full of splendor.
A November to treasure."
~ from La Prevenchere, Brittany, France

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