Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hangin' Out in Los Gatos

Los Gatos is one of those quaint little California towns that I love to visit. The shopping is great, great restaurants too. I met Heidi of Heart and Home yesterday for just that, shopping and lunch. One of the stores we spent some time in was LuLu Pom.

I was intrigued with what they did with the arrangement behind the sofa. What a great idea for a huge blank wall. Frame out a section, paint it a different color, then hang your art in the middle. Here, they hung maps of Paris in the inset area with sconces on either side.

Another wall was treated the same way. A big gold frame defines a smaller area. Painted black, the three framed prints just pop.

The store was packed with everything I love. White ironstone, silver, etched glass....

...and lots of organic objects like antlers, lichen covered orbs, and found objects.

I spied this clock in the store and thought it would look great in our wine country kitchen. It looks so authentic with the rust, but it's a reproduction and was reasonably priced. I thought about it and ended up going back to the store after Heidi and I said our goodbyes and bought it!

We really enjoyed discovering this store. I could have done some serious damage here!
For instance, I regret not buying a few of those lichen covered balls. Heidi though that they would be easy to make. Hmmmm, great idea Heidi! Probably cost a lot less than $12 each!
Uh, oh - I think I need to go to the hobby store now...

It was such a fun day! If you get a chance, go over to Heidi's at Heart and Home and say Hi!
Tell her I ended up buying that clock!


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